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Hole 1
Par 5
Mens: Stroke 9 | Womens: Stroke 7
Red: 410 Metres | Blue: 413 Metres | White: 487 Metres
A tough challenging par 5, particularly if a prevailing South Westerly is blowing. A blind tee shot on the fairway is a must, as rough and trees on either side of the fairway will punish the wayward shot. One bunker on the right with a swale on the left hand side protects a narrow undulating green.
Hole 2
Par 3
Mens: Stroke 15 | Womens: Stroke 11
Red: 123 Metres | Blue: 127 Metres | White: 130 Metres
This short, deceptive par 3 demands the correct club selection, depending on the wind direction and tee position. A long raised narrow green is protected by a front bunker and on either side of the green by strategically placed bunkers. There are steep slopes near the back of the green on both sides.
Hole 3
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 13 | Womens: Stroke 9
Red: 322 Metres | Blue: 332 Metres | White: 334 Metres
An intimidating tee shot through an avenue of trees. These trees stretch along the right hand side of the rough. The green is reachable, with a following wind, but fairway bunkers on the right and four small trees on the left will catch the wayward tee shot. A large green is protected by bunkers on both sides.
Hole 4
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 1 | Womens: Stroke 3
Red: 339 Metres | Blue: 340 Metres | White: 388 Metres
A sharp dog-leg to the left giving a clear shot to the green. Large trees on the left protect the tiger line and bunkers on the right will catch the drive that is too strong. The next shot to the green will be directly into the prevailing wind to a two-tiered green guarded by a bunker on the right with a hollow in front of the green and steep runoffs on the left and back of the green.
Hole 5
Par 3
Mens: Stroke 7 | Womens: Stroke 17
Red: 112 Metres | Blue: 166 Metres | White: 172 Metres
This reconstructed par 3, is also directly into the prevailing wind from an elevated tee. This long sloping green is protected on the left by a large bunker and out of bounds and on the right hand side by swales.
Hole 6
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 5 | Womens: Stroke 5
Red: 324 Metres | Blue: 326 Metres | White: 347 Metres
Alternative tee positions adds some length to this dog-leg right hole. Long hitters can go directly over the trees, but don't underestimate the carry. The large green is protected by bunkers on the left and a deep swale on the right.
Hole 7
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 3 | Womens: Stroke 15
Red: 276 Metres | Blue: 388 Metres | White: 420 Metres
This lengthy par 4 requires a long tee shot favouring the left side of the fairway, but beware of the bunker on this side. The green is protected by a bunker on the right and slopes and hollows on the left.
Hole 8
Par 5
Mens: Stroke 17 | Womens: Stroke 1
Red: 408 Metres | Blue: 422 Metres | White: 455 Metres
A long drive is needed to give you a clear second shot over the water to this well protected green. For the not so daring, you can lay up with your second shot to a narrow fairway area and punch your third onto the green without having to negotiate the water. The green lies between the water and a series of bunkers, one of which protects the front right-hand side of the green next to the water.
Hole 9
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 11 | Womens: Stroke 13
Red: 298 Metres | Blue: 338 Metres | White: 350 Metres
A straight forward par 4, with bunkers protecting the fairway on both sides. The green is slightly raised and guarded by a bunker on each side, which are well placed to catch the off centre approach.
Hole 10
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 4 | Womens: Stroke 2
Red: 367 Metres | Blue: 369 Metres | White: 369 Metres
A good two-shotter requiring a long drive down the left hand side, mindful of the bunkers and mounds on that side. Avoid the bunker and trees on the right and watch the wind direction, as once clear of the trees the flight path can change. The green is guarded by a large bunker on the front left and a fall away to the right and back.
Hole 11
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 8 | Womens: Stroke 14
Red: 293 Metres | Blue: 293 Metres | White: 344 Metres
A drive favouring the left-hand side of the fairway opens up the green for your second - beware of the bunkers and mound just off the fairway on this line and the thick line of trees on the right. This large, sloping green is protected by a bunker on each side.
Hole 12
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 10 | Womens: Stroke 4
Red: 320 Metres | Blue: 323 Metres | White: 328 Metres
Trees, bunkers and large mounds on the left need to be avoided, as do the bunkers on the right of the fairway. The approach to the green needs to clear a front left bunker and avoid the bunker on the right. Cross winds could influence a shot missing the green on the left which could end up in the trees as there is a big drop-off on that side, and behind the green.
Hole 13
Par 5
Mens: Stroke 12 | Womens: Stroke 12
Red: 406 Metres | Blue: 406 Metres | White: 479 Metres
This par 5 requires a tee shot left of centre to avoid the rough and trees on the right. The out of bounds area on the left should not be a problem. The approach to the green, either as a second or third shot needs to be accurate as a watery grave awaits any shot left or over the green. The green has no bunkers but has some severe slopes.
Hole 14
Par 3
Mens: Stroke 14 | Womens: Stroke 16
Red: 140 Metres | Blue: 140 Metres | White: 140 Metres
This compact short hole is very deceptive as the tee shot is played from a very protected tee. The prevailing wind is from right to left which will push shots to the most difficult recovery position. A bunker and a steep incline protect the green on the left, and a bunker on the front right will catch the hanging shot.
Hole 15
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 2 | Womens: Stroke 6
Red: 345 Metres | Blue: 367 Metres | White: 408 Metres
A long hole with a slight dog-leg right. A tee shot favouring the right half of the fairway directed over the trees is ideal. Fairway bunkers on the left need to be avoided. The green slopes severely from the back and some interesting pin positions will be experienced on this hole, particularly on the slope between the bunkers on both sides of the green.
Hole 16
Par 4
Mens: Stroke 16 | Womens: Stroke 10
Red: 302 Metres | Blue: 297 Metres | White: 299 Metres
Although rated the easiest par 4 on the course, due to bunkers on both sides of the fairway and the green sloping from back to front, it can prove quite challenging. Longer hitters could land their tee shot on the green.
Hole 17
Par 3
Mens: Stroke 6 | Womens: Stroke 18
Red: 101 Metres | Blue: 129 Metres | White: 148 Metres
The club's "signature" hole - this attractive par 3 has a variety of tee positions offering different approaches to the green over the dam. A tee shot to the right will certainly be swallowed up by the water, while a shot to the left will require courage to negotiate a bunker, with the dam once again coming into play on the other side of this sloped green.
Hole 18
Par 5
Mens: Stroke 18 | Womens: Stroke 8
Red: 381 Metres | Blue: 381 Metres | White: 431
A par 5 slight dog-leg left demands an accurate drive, setting up your second to the green, while a drive right of centre would run out of fairway. A multi sloped clover-leaf shaped green will result in some interesting pin positions. Bunkers on either side of the green will attract the bold approach - a great finishing hole with a good chance of a birdie.
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